America's Forgotten Heroes Tribute Vehicle to SAR, Police and Military Working Dogs

The Project

The America's Forgotten Heroes Tribute Vehicle project was done to raise awareness and to honor the invaluable service, loyalty and sacrifices of our courageous four-footed heroes past and present.

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The Artist

There was clearly no better choice than the great Mickey Harris of Cosby, Tennessee for the artistic challenges of the America's Forgotten Heroes Tribute Vehicle.

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Request an Appearance

If you and/or your organization are interested in having this wonderful and unique rolling tribute to our four-footed canine heroes and their handlers at your event, please contact us and include the date and location of your event.


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“The vehicle is absolutely breathtaking! The art work leaps off the panels and doors in intensely life-like forms of dogs and handlers!"

"Photos fail to clearly display the magnitude of the work that has gone into this inspiring vehicle!"

Honor Coin

    The America’s Forgotten Heroes Honor Coin is a beautiful, solid token that honors the invaluable service, courage and sacrifices of Search-and-Rescue, Police and Military Working Dogs -- America’s Forgotten Heroes.

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